Rush Vietnam Visa

We provide Emergency Vietnam visa service for those who need to urgently implement this process. This problem usually happens to those who enter Vietnam but did not have time to prepare or forgot to get a visa. The flight time is close to less than 24 hours.


These information below will help you better to understand how rush for you to apply Vietnam visa services and how to choose on Emergency case:

1. On Mondays to Fridays:


* Urgent Vietnam visa: With the rush option you can get your approval letter within a few hours (4-8 hour) of application and making payment.


- Morning request: If you submit your application and pay the fee by 8:00 AM Vietnamese time, we will send you the letter by 11:30 AM or 17:00 PM maximum.


- Noon request: If you submit your application and pay the fee by 2:00 PM, Vietnamese time, we will send you the letter by 17: 00 PM on the day or 11:30 AM next day maximum.


* Emergency Vietnam visa: Similar to Urgent option except it only takes 30 minutes to one working hour based on the Immigration Department. The extra charge is $49 USD/person. You should call our hotline (+84) 968.18.77.18 to confirm the application has been received and acknowledged to process. You are subject to pay stamping fee at the airports. Please note this service use 9:30 AM to 11: 00 AM in morning; 14:30 PM to 15:00 PM in afternoon. It is from Monday to 3:00 PM Friday depending on how rush you need.

2. On Saturdays, Sundays or Public Holidays:


*  It’s guarantee Vietnam visa service:  This is for those who would like to arrive in Vietnam on Saturday, Sunday or public holiday but you forgot to apply for a Vietnam visa until flight departed. We would like you to know it clearly that you cannot enter Vietnam without our help. We will help you obtain your visa, however you will be charged from $198  in this case for a single entry Vietnam visa Excluding Stamping fee, paid directly to Immigration counter at airport ).

For examples:  If you apply Urgent/Emergency Visa after 3pm of Friday, on Saturday, Sunday; the service will be delivered on the next Monday (working hours is calculated from 9:30AM). In case you insist in arriving in Vietnam on Saturday, Sunday or public holiday; you are advised to immediately to contact us to upgrade the paid service into Guarantee Visa with extra payment).

Please contact us for further information and quotation exactly when you book with us the above urgent services with a very logical price.


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