How to get a visa to Vietnam?

Get Vietnam Visa - There are two regular approaches to get your visa to Vietnam :

Getting a visa at Vietnamese consulate 

Get Vietnam visa on arrival - The procedure of getting a business visa or a tourist visa is by and large the same. Most visitors get their visa through a Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate office in their nation of home or in their voyages nation before entering Vietnam. 
For a tourist visa, you will need to submit: 
1) Entry license structure (which can differ from one Vietnamese government offices or office abroad to an alternate). 
2) Two photographs (typically 4cm x 6cm or 3 cm x 4 cm) 
3) Your unique identification 
4) Visa charge 
The structure and the charge can differ by nation, so please check specifically the Vietnamese international safe haven or department to which you are applying. 
Get Vietnam visa online - A business visa generally likewise obliges a letter of backing from your supporter office or organization in Vietnam. In individual, the methodology typically takes 2-3 days, and via mail, the procedure normally takes 2-3 weeks, contingent upon the administration you utilize, in spite of the fact that times can change respectably by international safe haven or department. In the event that you are mailing, please note that you have to make plans to have your travel permit with visa came back to you. 

Getting a Visa on landing 

An alternate choice to acquire a visa is to request an approbation letter online to get the visa at Vietnam landing strip.